✩ Interview with Ukrainian bride Vlada #407 [HD] ✩ TURN ON THE SUBTITLES TO SEE THE TRANSLATION-

So, my name is Vlada I am originally from the city of Berdyansk on the south of Ukraine I was born near the seaside, it is hot there seaside, beaches… I grew up there, finished a school and university there and i worked there too and a couple of years ago i came to Kharkov now i am working and as i am a creative person i do haircuts for women i create beauty for women I also do body art i paint very nicely i do many different types of hair styles – for weddings also I do many types of haircuts for different occasions. I like creativity and to create beauty for women I decided to come to this agency as i think that this is a serious organization I came here because a lot of my time i spend at work and unfortunately I don’t have much time for the personal life most of my time i am working and here I think they can help me find a decent man a man who will fit my demands who will be a real man I hope that here they will help me find a good reliable person for life a woman has a very responsible mission the home is “standing” on a woman she must take care of home, so the husband will want to come home so it is always cozy, comfortable at home, warm, always tasty at home so a man will come home and his wife is meeting him, smiling for him, giving him good mood a woman must prepare him good food, take care of him as a man has a lot of situations at work a lot of problems and he needs the support of his wife so the woman should care about him so he would always be in a good mood, to support him in everything i have been thinking about this many times of course after coming to this agency, i understand that this will be a man from another country and i will have a relocation in the future and of course i have been thinking about this for me it will not be a problem, it will be very easy in general i am an easy person in this when i was living in my native city and decided to move, it didn’t make any problems for me for me this is very easy and moreover when there will be a mutual understanding with a man and we will be supporting each other then i think it will be twice easier the relocation to another country

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