Consumer Reports’ 2018 Top Picks

[CLICKING] Here are the Consumer Reports
2018 top picks for vehicles in nine categories. Let’s start with SUV’s. Our pick in the
midsize SUV category is the Toyota Highlander. We love the Subaru Forester,
our top pick for compact SUV. Can you afford to spend more? Our top pick for luxury
compact SUV’s the BMW X3. The Audi A4 earns top honors
in the luxury compact car category. But for most of us the best
compact car for the money is the Toyota Corolla. It’s our top pick
in the category. Toyota makes our list for the
third time with the Camry. It’s our top pick
for mid-sized cars. The Chevrolet Impala is our
choice for top large car. If you need the
power of a pickup, the Ford F-150 is the
best full-sized truck on the market today. Thinking about going green? Look no further than
the Chevrolet Bolt. It’s the top compact
green car in our ratings. For more on all
of our top picks, check out [CLICKING]

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