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Do NOT Sell These 5 T-Shirts πŸ’ƒπŸ‘• Dropshipping & Print On Demand (T-Shirt Business Tips)

– Hey, everybody. It’s me, Sarah, here from Wholesale Ted, and in today’s video,
I’m gonna tell you about five T-shirts that you should not sell. For some of these T-shirts,
you should avoid them because of the fact that
they would be doomed to fail from the start. And if you tried to spend
the money in advertising, it would be a huge waste. Other T-shirts could get you into potential customer service strife and leave you with very unhappy customers. And for some of these T-shirts,
well, you should avoid them because of the fact
that they could get you into potential legal issues
and end up having your store and your advertising accounts and your payment gateways shut down. It all sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry. If you just follow along
with the simple advice that I’ll be giving you in this video, then you can avoid selling
T-shirts like these. And, to make the video
a little bit less scary, I decided to make it a
little bit more interesting. Yes, dancing is back. Now, I know we’ve already
had some dancing recently in some quizzes, and whenever
I make videos like this, they are a little bit controversial. But I really like them, so in this video, we’re
gonna play another fun quiz, where you can win 10 points. Yay. Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m gonna show you a mystery
T-shirt for five seconds. In that time, you have to guess the reason why you should not sell that T-shirt. And if you get it right,
you will win 10 points. And also just FYI, later in the video, I have a huge announcement about something that I
am very excited to share. But, for now, it is quiz time. Okay, so here is a
print-on-demand shirt I created. Selling this shirt can get
you into legal hot water. So why do you think that is? You’ve got five seconds to guess. Go. (ticking) (bell rings) All right, time’s up. Drum roll, please. The reason why it would be a terrible idea to sell this T-shirt
is because it features the typeface from the Coca-Cola logo. Yep, does this look familiar to you? It should, as it’s the same C that’s used in the Coca-Cola logo. See, here’s a question
I get asked a fair bit. “Sarah, can I use famous fonts from movies “or TV show logos?” Well, that’s a good question. And so here is the strange
yet fascinating thing abouts fonts and copyrights in the USA. Unlike most countries, which protect typefaces as a work of art and gives it copyright protection, in the USA, typefaces do not
have copyright protection, although fonts do, and yes,
they are separate things, and it’s important to
know the distinction. So let’s say I went and
bought his font, Gilroy, created by a font designer. When I purchase it, I am given a file which is a
piece of software to download. Once I install this on my computer, I will now be able to use this font. This file or software is the font. This is legally protected. I can’t resell it or reproduce it. But the typeface, as in the visual design of
the letters and the numbers, that design has no legal
protection in the USA. However, the Coca-Cola
logo is trademarked. That means design elements
from the typeface that it uses, such as the iconic Cs are
protected by trademark. This means that Coca-Cola
could still come after you and have a great legal case if you tried to use their typeface. For most countries, it
would flat out be illegal due to copyright
infringement, but in the USA, it’s sketchy to sell,
not due to copyrights, but due to trademark infringement. And so, yes, usually, I’d recommend most people
stay away from doing this, but your risk tolerance may vary. And as always, I have to
say I am not a lawyer, and this is not a replacement
for official legal advice. Okay, did you get it right? If so, congratulations. You can add 10 points to your total. If you didn’t win though,
that’s absolutely fine because we’ve got another
chance to win 10 new points. Okay, this T-shirt here would
not be a good idea to sell if you were planning on using Facebook ads to be your primary source of traffic. So why would this T-shirt not
be a good idea in that case? You’ve got five seconds. Go. (ticking) (bell rings) All right, time’s up. Drum roll, please. The reason why this T-shirt
would not be a good idea to sell if Facebook ads are gonna be
your primary source of traffic is because giraffes are too niche. Yep, that’s right. While some people are indeed
interested in giraffes, there just aren’t enough people to make this niche worth your time. If we come to Facebook’s
Audience Insight tool, we can type in giraffe and see that we get a very
small group of people, just 450 to 500,000 people
for this interest in the USA. If you tried to sell this T-shirt, and even if you initially
found an audience of giraffe fans that you could sell it to, you would very quickly saturate them, and the chances are, your ad
would just, well, fizzle out. Even worse, because this audience
is so small to begin with, it would be very difficult
to find sub-niche, targeted audiences to increase
your initial ad conversions. For example, let’s say we
wanted to sell this T-shirt, which, by the way, wouldn’t
really be a good idea because it looks terrible, but regardless, that’s not the point. So, who would be our audience? People that like giraffes and are involved in environmentalism. If we come and create a
dummy ad for it on Facebook and try to cross the giraffe niche with something related,
such as targeting people involved in environmental organizations, we only hit 33,000 people
with that targeting. Way, way too small. But you know what would be
a much bigger, better niche? Giant pandas. The fan base for this is much bigger. If we come to the Facebook
Audience Insight tool and type in giant panda, we’ll see that we reach
a much bigger audience, 3.5 to four million people instead. Not only is that a large amount
of people to scale out to, but we tried to narrow our audience down to people that are
interested in giant pandas and in environmental organizations, we’ll hit at least 100,000 people, which should be your minimum
target for an initial ad. Did you get it right? If so, congratulations,
you’ve won 10 points. Now I said it at the start of this video. I have a big announcement. So let’s do it now. Our old premium dropshipping
training course, The Dropship Club, is no more, and it has instead been replaced with our much bigger,
better training course, The Ecomm Clubhouse. The Ecomm Clubhouse is
Wholesale Ted’s premium over-the-shoulder training program designed to help shortcut your success in creating a moneymaking flex
store from start to finish. Not only have we updated our
extensive dropshipping videos, but we now offer hours of premium over-the-shoulder training
specifically for selling successful print-on-demand products. In addition, as it has
been highly requested, we have more than quadruple the content for teaching Facebook ads, and we’ve added a huge
series of training videos that teach you how to get
free traffic with Google using SEO, even if you’ve
got a low starting budget. A lot of people understandably ask me, “Sarah, what’s the difference
between your free videos “on YouTube and your premium
videos inside the Clubhouse?” Well, here is an example. On this channel, I have
a free SEO tutorial. It’s 34 minutes long. But my SEO training videos
inside The Ecomm Clubhouse, they are over two hours long. So if you want to go
beyond our YouTube videos and get access to our premium, advanced, over-the-shoulder training, I will have a link to how you
can join The Ecomm Clubhouse in the video description below. For now though, back to the video, and your next chance to win 10 points. Okay, here is the T-shirt. This shirt would not be
okay to sell on eBay. Why would that be? You’ve got five seconds to guess. Go. (ticking) (bell rings) All right, drum roll, please. The reason why this would
not be a good T-shirt to sell on eBay is because of the fact that it is dropshipped from AliExpress. Yep. See, here’s the thing. A lot of people ask me, “Sarah, can I dropship
from AliExpress on eBay?” And while it isn’t inherently
banned or anything, as I said in this video,
it is not a good idea. Despite that, a lot of people still ask me about what I think about
AliExpress dropshipping and eBay. Well, I can tell you, my
opinion has not changed. Here is the thing: like
most online marketplaces, sellers have a love/hate
relationship with eBay. We love that we have
to do minimal marketing to sell our products on eBay, because millions of people
just go there every day, and that is not to be underestimated. Because for most stores, 50% of their revenue usually
goes towards marketing. And so even though eBay charge fees, these don’t come close to
traditional marketing costs. On the other hands, eBay also has this, seller performance standards. If more than 2% of your
transactions result in customers winning an eBay dispute, your
account is in serious trouble. And here’s the downside to
dropshipping with AliExpress. Sure, the items are very cheap. But, on the other hand, shipping is going to take two
to three weeks for customers, and the longer shipping takes, the fussier customers can get. If you’re selling in your own store, especially if you’re using
Stripe with Shopify payments, you can handle antsy customers if you have an upfront shipping policy by pointing it out. But on eBay, they are notorious
for siding with customers, even when the customers do not fairly deserve to win the dispute. And so dropshipping items
from AliExpress onto eBay is not something I would recommend. But honestly, there is
a much bigger reason that I would avoid
selling this item on eBay because you will be
dropshipping it from AliExpress. And that’s because AliExpress
suppliers, like this one here, are often selling the item
on eBay themselves anyway. Because they are producing
the item themselves, they can sell them for
the same or similar prices to their cost on AliExpress, but on eBay. And while I 100% believe that you do not need to compete on price and you can list your
items for higher prices than your competitors if you differentiate yourself from them, it is very difficult to meaningfully differentiate yourself from the supplier. So no, I don’t recommend
dropshipping on eBay. Stick to dropshipping in your own store, where it’s a lot easier to
differentiate yourself instead. So, did you get it right? If so, congratulations, you won 10 points. If you didn’t get it
right though, that’s okay, because you’ve got another chance to win. This one’s gonna be a little bit easier. So this time we’re gonna be
playing for five points instead. All right, do you see this T-shirt here? It would be a very big mistake to add this product listing
to your store and sell it if you had previously added this T-shirt product
listing to your store. Can you figure out why this
would be a big mistake? You have five seconds to guess. Go. (ticking) (bell rings) All right, time’s up. Drum roll, please. The reason why it would be a mistake to list this in your store if you had listed the previous listing is because you reused the exact same model for both of these T-shirt designs. So for those of you that don’t know, I created these photos
using an app called Placeit. In my recent video, I gave a short tutorial on how to use it, and if you want to check
it out for yourself, I’ll have a link to that video
in the description below. Placeit allows you to create
lifestyle mockup pictures for your T-shirts without
ordering the shirts and yourself to take your own photos. And this is extremely, extremely important for any wannabe T-shirt stores out there, because a lifestyle picture like this can be used in an advertising campaign, and it’s going to be way
better 99.99999% of the time than the product on a
white background picture that most print-on-demand
providers give you. Lifestyle photo apps like
this are of the secret tools, you could say, of successful
print-on-demand stores. However, there are a lot
of beginners out there that make a big mistake. See, they’ll find a picture
they think looks good in one of these apps, like
this, and go, “Awesome,” and then proceed to use it
throughout their entire website on each of their different T-shirts. And you know what? This is a terrible idea. Why? Because now customers know that you did not take those photos. The only way this person can
be in the exact same pose with the exact same
lighting is, funnily enough, if you Photoshopped the design on. Now that’s certainly not
the end of the world, which is why this is
only worth five points. But, you know, one of
the really nice things about having customers think
that you took the photo is that it makes your
store look much bigger than it actually is. It makes it look like
your store is big enough to justify having its own photo shoot. And you ruin that when
you reuse the same photo. And so if you are using
a lifestyle photo app like Placeit or Smartmockups, then make sure that you
vary up the pictures. And actually, here is a really great tip to increase your authority even more. Search for pictures that
reuse the same model. Now I’m not sure if
other competing services like Smartmockups have this feature. They very likely do. But I know that Placeit does. What you do is you come
and click this button here. When you do that, Placeit will
show you all of the photos they have featuring this model. By picking different
photos featuring this model for each of your T-shirts, it makes it look like you
had an actual photo shoot with him, and it adds
authority to your store. So what I’d recommend that
you do is you go there and you choose a few models that you like, and then you reuse them in
different pictures and poses, and that way, it’s
going to make your store look like it is already
established and successful. So, did you get it right? If so, congratulations,
you won five points. Now if you didn’t, don’t worry, because we’ve got one
more chance to win points. This time, we are playing
for 15 whole points. Okay, so here is a
print-on-demand provider a lot of people don’t know
about, CJ Dropshipping. They have some pretty low-cost items, such as this T-shirt that has
a base selling price of $3.50. But you know what? It would be a big mistake
to go and sell this T-shirt on the online marketplace Etsy, which is a place that many
successful T-shirt stores have popped up on, such as this one here, selling designs with
print-on-demand services, and they have made hundreds
of thousands of dollars. Why would it be a mistake
to sell this T-shirt there? You have five seconds to guess. Go. (ticking) (bell rings) All right, time’s up. Drum roll, please. The answer, for 15 points, is
that this service provider, they’re in China. See, here’s the thing about Etsy. Originally, it was a marketplace
for handmade items only. Over time though, they started to allow sellers to work with
ethical production partners. They used to audit them,
although now they no longer do. However, a lot of Etsy buyers still very much care about this. And, due to many factors, a lot of people have very
negative ideas and beliefs about ethical standards of warehouses and manufacturers in China. And so when an Etsy
user receives a T-shirt from CJ Dropshipping and sees
the package was from China, you risk them being unimpressed and potentially leaving negative feedback. That’s why when it comes to Etsy, I think it’s a smart idea to
avoid foreign manufacturers and try to stick to local
manufacturers instead. And as a bonus, several of
these local manufacturers have integrations with Etsy to automate your store
and production as well, turning into a source
of semi-passive income, another good reason to
choose them as well. So, how many points did you win? Let me know in the comments section below. And if you would like
even more free training on setting up a successful
print-on-demand T-shirt store, then be sure to download our free ebook, “The 6 Steps that 6-Figure
Online Stores Follow “to Make Over $10,000 a Month,” and you can get that
free ebook for yourself by clicking on the link in
the video description below.

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