Interview with Russian Bride – Lera 354 – TURN ON SUBTITLES!

My name is Valeria I am 21 I was born and live in the city of Kharkov I do a lot of stuff – music, dancing, different charity events… i do a lot of painting, reading books, all what is connected with creativity I am looking for a self-sufficient person, first of all then i also would like him to like self-development the man should know what he wants from life the man who would love men, who would care about me and our children a confident person a kind, caring man i am positive about the older men now the men of my age, they have forgotten about any self development they don’t know what they want in life therefore i am looking for a man who wants a family the man who has a career, a job a self-sufficient man i am looking for a mature, an adequate man I have been thinking about that and I decided for me that it would be Europe, Australia, USA Canada I think these countries are more developed

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