MadMatt 4WD Visits Superior Engineering’s 4WD Retail Store

Have you had the chance to get into a Superior
Engineering Retail Store? I tell you what, it is well worth it. They have got steering arms, panhard rods,
they have got their Superflex arms. You want an Ironman fridge? They’ve got that for you. You want a bullbar? They’ve got that. Whatever you need, get in here and check it
out. MSA seat covers. Make sure the mud doesn’t get to your seat. They’ve also got all the other suspension
components, lighting components, navigation components, radios… a man, the list just
goes on and on. You’ve got to get into a Superior Engineering
retail store and check it out. Go to their website Superior Engineering dot
com dot au, or drop into the store at Deception Bay. I’m Mad Matt. Stay Safe On The Trail.

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