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SHOPIFY STORE TRUST HACKS – Shopify Dropshipping 2018

Hey, Guys! What’s Up! Shopify Drop Shipping Store. Learn Trust Hacks for Shopify Store Yeah I know I’m not saying this but SUBSCRIBE! lol Shopify Store Shopify Dropshipping Store Shopify Drop Shipping Kevin David Scam? Stay Tuned to know Shopify Drop Shipping Shopify Drop Shipping Shopify 2018 Shopify 2018 Dropshipping on Shopify Shopify dropshipping DropShipping on Shopify Dropshipping Shopify 2018 Shopify Dropshipping Shopify Drop Shipping How to sell on shopify Shopify Dropshipping 2018

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21 thoughts on “SHOPIFY STORE TRUST HACKS – Shopify Dropshipping 2018

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  2. I just found this channel and I'd like to say it's very insightful. I want to start a store but I'm still on the fence about it since there is a lot of content to learn and the costs of starting it (which isn't that much). Are those online courses that people promote necessary to start a successful store, or could I try it based on my own research? If so, what are some good free sources other than videos?

  3. Hey man, love your videos. Would you review my store in a video i have tried influencers on IG only, and starting to test FB ads and google ads. Got 1000 visitors this month but 10 purchases. Any help would be much appreciated <3. My sites :

  4. Greetings. I am not sure that I'll get you attention, but I will try: Could you please review my store: since I followed all you advices and actually you helped me a lot in the beginning! Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey man, do you have some time to check out my store? Any advices and constructive criticism is very appreciated.

    I've checked a lot of ecommerce stores, fixed a lot of mistakes on my site, but then when people click on my ads on facebook (around 1%) and check out the product, they don't buy. Some click add to cart but then nothing, they don't even abandon it. I've included scarcity, a promotion, a good price and free shipping + a niche product and still I don't get any sales.

    Thanks in advance!

    My site:

  6. Greetings.
    I've been following you since day 1 I believe. Tried to follow all your advices, and 90% of work is done, BUT, unfortunately the Company who provides services such as payment gates, refused collaborating with us, because some of our products as they said "falls under their prohibited products list". Please advise what I've made wrong, because I don't understand. Such situations makes me feel like all the hard work done till now, was pointless πŸ™ Maybe someone has a tip for us? Shopify Store is:
    Thank you !

  7. my friends is $5 a day enough for targeting big 5?, I had success with WW $5 a day but what about the big 5 there is more competition?

  8. lmao the reviews of the watches ppl complaining because its cheap lmao what you expect its ali a express xD

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