The reason why most fail with Dropshipping (and SOLUTIONS)…

I know many of you have poured hours of
your time setting up a drop shipping business model online or a similar
ecommerce business model and today I’m going to tell you why you’re not making
money online with the drop shipping or a similar ecommerce business. Hey guys so
as you can tell I’m in a different location at the moment I’m traveling
Vietnam and I’m in this amazing apartment which is relatively expensive
but not so expensive when it comes to the standards of Australia in the United
States it’s amazing apartments great views and
in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City which is where I’m currently at but yeah it’s
honestly making the most of being able to use making money abroad and struggle
at the same time and using the most of my youth
sir yeah when it comes to money making money online and when it comes to having
luxuries like this and the surroundings that you can see behind me and drop
shipping has been a large part of my ability to you know have financial
freedom I wanted to talk today about the amazing and simple business model of
drop shipping and how he has opened so many doors in my life if you watched my
previous videos then you would know how many doors it actually has opened in my
life and it’s allowed me to experience by a lot of things I wouldn’t normally
be able to experience just like traveling to the states and splurge and
traveling to Vietnam and splurging and covering the accommodation of quite a
few people and friends I know it’s a luxury that not everyone can have but if
you have the drive and commitment okay something establishing additional income
sources but I’ve digits 6 digits is not as high as a lot of people think it is
so now let’s go into the point of why people fail or why people are not making
money dropshipping online so the first point first and foremost is giving up
too quickly I preached this quite a lot because personally I’ve been through so
many different and I never knew when I was at the
corner of success and a lot of people more often than not people were just
around the corner but to success whether you’re not making sales or whether
you’re not seeing money well spent on Facebook Ads you just do not know when
you’ve got a winning product or when you’ve got a winning pad set you really
need to push through the inconsistencies and get to that next step that’s the
thing grit and determination is really important when it comes to the
Entrepreneurship game it’s a really grueling journey and more often than not
you’ve got to fail but you just do not know when success is around the corner
so when I see a lot of people giving up too soon or too early that pains me
because a lot of them could be literally around the corner from success and
seeing a breakthrough moment but instead they’ve take an easy way out and they
just quit I totally understand though you know when you’re pouring a lot of
money into Facebook or Google ads or Google Shopping etc and you’re not
seeing returns and you don’t have deep pockets that I totally understand you
need to see steady results how about like it like I said again
there’s a lot of breakthrough moments that people give up too soon in the
journey so that’s point number one but number two especially in the
dropshipping game is expecting to make a bank too early too soon and this goes
it’s point number one because dropshipping has like various entry a
lot of people are thinking that it’s extremely easy that they gotta scale up
to six digits within the first month of first few weeks even it’s just not like
that I mean for some people it does come very easy and they do see success for a
suit very quickly but for the majority it doesn’t work that way it usually
often takes months if not a year to see steady steady results so again go to the
point number one getting up too quickly that’s my number two is expecting to
make Bank too soon because that’s just not the reality reality of it
on this channel I always preach hard work and consistency but number three
again twice as pretty gets to a point and it’s just not paying their due
diligence when it comes to products market research as ads and just becoming
an overall better ecommerce specialist in
marketer you know this seemed although easy to get into is very hard to be a
stand out sir when it comes to producing results you really need to put in your
due diligence and your time and effort into learning about ads learning about
paid traffic learning about setting up in a proper ecommerce store that is
going to convert okay it’s but all very different to set up a store and set up
as currently person to being a digital marketer putting up successful ads and
converting ads in a convenient store two entirely different things now if you’re
wondering okay Andrew what exactly is how do you set up converting ads and how
to set up converting stores well take a look at my videos on my channel there’s
a ton of content completely free all on how how to improve your store how to set
up stores how to set up products etc sir I’m not gonna go into detail there but
that’s another reason why people fail the fourth common mistake that I see a
lot of people make is not having enough enough budget to test your products with
paid ads a lot of people come to me and they’re telling me they’re spending you
know $100 if that on testing a product or multiple products even on Facebook I
don’t do ads and in this day and age today that’s just not enough paid ads
getting more and more expensive it is quite literally a pay-to-play space and
look guys if you do not have a few hundred dollars to play with then what
when it comes to ads then you’re not going to see results yes there are ways
to garner free traffic through a different search engine results or
through different ad sources and you can see some of those video tutorials on my
channel but when it comes to pay traffic guys $100 these days is not going to cut
it now setting up your store when it comes to setting up drop shipping in
general is it can be free you can quite literally view free moment cuts of pay
traffic guys you need more money to play with to a/b split test to test products
test different demographics etc because it is a consumer
gang but if you do have that money that initial capital investment to invest
into your business then you are going to see results the fifth and final point
that I want to make is study it up but not enough people are taking action a
lot of people watching videos and getting a lot of knowledge which is
great which is great Danny it’s better than not watching video is not studying
you’re not investing you so a lot of people not take it to the next step and
putting in the effort action those videos so for example you’re watching
Google Ads tutorial or you’re watching a Facebook Ads tutorial you’re watching
have a previous tour a lot of people are studying it up and they’re sucking that
knowledge but they’re not taking action what I recommend is when you watch my
videos or any other people’s videos when it comes to drop shipping or whatever
you’re hustling on take action immediately after the video because if
you wait five minutes if you wait five hours guaranteed guys you know most of
you I’m not going to take action after that period so as soon as you watch that
video allocate some time one or two hours after that video and just hustle
and execute on that because if you do that consistently with every video that
you watch guarantee guys you will have enough knowledge to make that sigh
passive income that you do want so guys that is the top five soft skills that I
see a lot of people making mistakes on and the barriers that people see when it
comes to establishing a passive incomes also establishing a successful site
income source and I am certain that a lot of you can jump that hurdle if you
put in the effort and recognize your issues and just get past that hurdle so
guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t
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guys gonna have a lot of fun too if you do everything correctly and set up that
lifestyle that you do want okay guys so again if you like this video give it a
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they’re not so interested be sure to tune in otherwise guys I’ll see you in
the next video keep on hustling

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